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Convincing new customers with company video

As you surf the web, you have probably noticed a phenomenon that is becoming more and more common concerning companies: the video presenting the company.

And that’s no coincidence!

Youtube is indeed the second most used search engine on the Internet just behind Google.

A study has also shown that 80% of Internet users will view a video online against 20% of Internet users who will read the content of a site.

It would be a shame to miss this effective means of hitting your target.

So, whether it’s to present your company, your services or one of your products, video can be very effective.

If you need more arguments to convince you to take action, read this article.

The video, to present your products

90% of users agree that seeing a video on a product is useful in the purchasing decision process.

In other words, almost all Internet users recognize that when buying a new product, a video plays a key role.

It can be a video presentation of a product or a tutorial video, i.e. one that shows how to use the product and its different qualities.

Either way, having a video demonstration of a product can greatly increase your sales.

The video to present your services

99% of the information processed by the brain is visual. Videos on the Internet are therefore very effective for communicating with your prospects and clients.

Indeed, Internet users react more strongly to images than to texts. A good video, even a short one, will have more impact than a well-written presentation text.

Moreover, to present a service or know-how, nothing better than a video.

Imagine, you are an Internet user looking for a professional to intervene in your home.

But there’s a problem: you don’t know anything about it.

You hesitate between different professionals but one of them offers explanatory videos. You will find yourself in front of a video showing you visually the service offered and highlighting a specific know-how.

Wouldn’t you be more reassured and seduced?

You should know that this is the case for the majority of Internet users.

It is not for nothing that video is in the top 3 of the most effective marketing techniques on social networks.

The video to present your company

Last but not least, the video introduces you and your company.

It is the perfect occasion to show your premises, your recently acquired machines, your most impressive creations, the different services you offer or your unique know-how.

It is also a way to introduce yourself as the entrepreneur of your VSE/SME.

This reassures your customers and prospects, and gives a warm image to your company.


Before you start, you still need to think about what you want to say and highlight in your video.

Indeed, an effective video is a short video.

Keep in mind that 45% of Internet users stop watching a video after one minute.

So be concise and efficient. Point out the essentials. Take care of your speech.

Also take care of the background, the decor, the light.

Finally, there’s no need to surround yourself with a team of experts. A good camera and a fixed shot will be enough to make a clean and professional presentation video.

How to find your first clients when you’re a video agency

Are you experiencing the same problems?

You make great videos and presentations for companies, but you can’t convince your prospects to become customers.

You’ve probably shown your own professional videos, but the managers of the companies you’ve met don’t see what the video can do for them.

You are frustrated because your work is beautiful, but you don’t understand why they don’t want you to make videos.

You even tried to offer to make a video and get paid later, but to no avail.

You can’t find the right approach to convince customers to trust you, and you may have given up hope of making corporate videos.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and most video agencies have the same problem as you do, and don’t understand how to convince a boss.

The bad solution of video agencies

The problem is that theapproach to the customer is doomed to failure, because from the start, the company’s manager sees your performance as a videographer, as communication, as advertising. For the company,communication is expensive and the budget is usually completed at the beginning of the year, and adding communication costs is not a priority. The problem does not come from you, not from your performance, but from the way it is presented. A corporate video presentation is doomed tobe rejected in most cases.

Your performance, your videos should be about economics rather than advertising.

Which you’ll never have to do again

In a few moments, you’ll never have to beg or plead with a corporate boss to trust youagain. He’ll be the one asking you to make videos for his company.

The story

Myself, when I started in video production, like many entrepreneurs, I thought of creating a video production service for companies, but as I continued to search for information, I realized that all the video agencies were achieving the same result: not finding enough clients and having to turn to large companies, large accounts, which have very large communication budgets.
It’s the only way these agencies can make their business profitable.Not wanting to be like everyone else, arguing over a crumb of the pie, I put my years of experience in the corporate world to list the priorities and common expenses of these companies, expenses that they are forced to make, to understand what real needs companies have, in terms of savings.More than 6 months of investigation, of reflection on these points, allowed me to have mass arguments to motivate a leader on the utility and the impact that a video can have for his company.

Don’t make the same mistake

90% of video agencies are fighting for the same thing, the same clients and abandoning the others. It’s not their fault. Like you, they had no choice, because in every agency, you’ll get exactly the same information, the same approach to clients. Don’t panic, I’ll tell you everything, I’ll show you everything, you’re not alone, and I’ll give you all my research and how to get the company to give you not just one order, but several.

What you need is…

What you need now is toknow the exact points, the specific services your videos should promise, their economics, and the services they will provide to the company.In just a few moments, you will know exactlywhich videos will become indispensable to the company you are going to prospect, who to contact and how to convince them, easily, without having to be a carpet salesman. You will know exactly what will make companies decide totrust you, and above all, contact you as soon as they need to make a video.


From today, you’ll know which types of videos companies need,which ones are essential, even priority and urgent.

At the end of the day, you will know who to contact,how to get an appointment, to present your videos, and get information and video projects, which your client will ask you for.

By the end of this training, you’ll know exactly what you need to make to your client, so he’ll have onlyone alternative. Yes, it’s interesting, because I didn’t see the economic potential… …that your video will bring to the company. »

What’s innovative?

Theamazing thing is, you won’t have to make a sales pitch. You don’t have to be a salesman. It’s even better if you don’t have the business savvy, because your argument will be based solely on the bestinterest of the company… …and naturally, you won’t have to defend your position.

What’s ingenious is that all companies are aware of the problems they have, and even want to improve on many of these issues, but the usual means they could put in place are expensive, time consuming, often with a need for additional staff. And they can’t invest astronomical sums of money in these positions. Video solves a lot of problems, at a low cost and especially over the medium and long term. Thepossibilities are enormous.

Best part is, you won’t have to fight competitors who can afford to break the price to win the deal, because your competitors are out there, in the big accounts.